Square One Condos

If you are new to Mississauga, or perhaps have lived in Mississauga for a number of years, and are looking to move into a condo, there are a large number of Square One condos that are for sale. Square One is the largest shopping centres in the GTA. The Square One area is also one of the central transportation hubs for the downtown Mississauga area, so you can already begin to see why this would be a popular place to live. There are several different Square One condos that are up for sale, however the one that this article will highlight is the Square One condo complex named Citygate.

Citygate condo is made of two massive glass towers that are located right in the heart of Mississauga, and are right across from Square One, City Call and Celebration Square. This luxury condo comes with a plethora of amenities and features:

When you first walk into the building you enter a gorgeous 24 hour reception lobby with concierge services available all day every day. Citygate is also equipped with an indoor pool, whirlpool, showers, and sauna rooms. There is also a full fitness center where you can get assistance from a professional trainer, rather than having to spend extra money traveling to a gym further into the city. You have the option to host parties in the party room that is fully equipped with a kitchen, as well as a landscaped courtyard and sundeck with BBQ equipment as well as a small putting rage. There is also a complimentary shuttle bus that provides service to the Cooksville GO station if you work outside of the city.

The condo apartments themselves are 9 foot high ceilings with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows. The door is locked using a solid core security lock. The floors are made of wood in the living room, dining room and kitchen while the bedroom has a selection of rug options. The baths feature a custom designed marble vanity top and sink basin and you have the option of limestone, marble or porcelain file flooring or walls for the tub. You also get the option of having a soaker tub, or a frameless clear glass shower door.

If you are interested in what this Square One condo has to offer, be sure to visit one of the many sites for more information

Searching Through Mississauga Condos and Townhouses

One that thing that first time home buyers come to find when searching for their first ever Mississauga real estate property is that houses and condos can be a bit on the pricey side. It’s not that Mississauga is the most expensive city in the world to live in or anything like that. There are plenty of other towns and cities in which the real estate prices dwarf the price tags of Mississauga real estate properties. All we’re trying to point out is that there are certain types of real estate properties in Mississauga that might be too rich for some people’s blood.

There are going to be plenty of houses for sale in Mississauga that aren’t going to be affordable to many home buyers, be they shopping for their first home or fifth home. The best thing to do in such a situation is to not get upset and start thinking to yourself that you can’t afford anything; because you can. You just might have to alter your expectations a little bit. That’s all. We don’t think that’s a bad thing because the number of affordable real estate properties in Mississauga is actually quite large.

For those of you out there that agree with us when we say that certain Mississauga real estate properties are too pricey you might want to focus your attention on the Mississauga condo and townhouse market. Townhouses aren’t usually viewed as the first choice of many home buyers but that’s not because townhouses aren’t appealing real estate properties to live in. The reason why many home buyers don’t consider townhouses is because they never even think to look for them. Condos and houses are the main draws in any real estate market but that’s something you’re going to have to change if you want to save some money when shopping for real estate .

One of the great things about browsing the Mississauga condos and townhouse market is that there are going to be plenty of townhouses and condos to choose from. You’ll be able to find the perfect living situation when it comes to Mississauga townhouses and condos, whether you want to live in a two-storey townhouse, a three-storey townhouse, a condo with three bedrooms or three bathrooms or a condo with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Prices will also vary for Mississauga condos and townhouses and whatever you end up spending in Mississauga will depend on the type of Mississauga townhouse or condo you want to live in. For example a one bathroom/one bedroom townhouse can be had for under $280,000, while a three-bedroom/three-bathroom townhouse can be yours for around $400,000. Just remember whatever you end up paying will be determined by a number of factors. Good luck!

Real Estate Listings in Oakville

Buying a home can be one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can go through.  You might have dreamed about the house that you would like to live in for years and most have to work for sometime before they can make the transition from renting to buying.  But, this can be a difficult process as well and you will want to make sure that you’re getting all of the help that you can from the proper professionals.  If you’re looking at Oakville Ontario real estate listings then you should start your search by getting in touch with a real estate agent.

Some people think that because there are hundreds of homes just a click away on the Internet that they do not need the help of a real estate agent anymore.  But, just because you can easily find listings for homes does not mean that you have the skills to know how to narrow down your choices and find the right property for you in a timely manner.  A real estate agent is going to help you with the leg work of going through those hundreds of Oakville real estate listings currently on the market to find the best possible shortlist for viewing.

Once you know of about a half dozen homes that have great potential, your real estate agent’s work is not done.  They are going to go with you to look at the homes so that you know which questions to ask and what to look for in terms of potential problems.  They will also be there to guide you through the process of making an offer and deciding what price you think is fair for that home.  A real estate agent is meant to guide you through the entire home buying process and they should make this as enjoyable an experience as possible.  Make sure you choose a real estate agent that you trust and that understands your needs as a buyer in Oakville.  There are lots of real estate listings available here for people of all kinds of budgets and lifestyles and they should understand what is important to you in terms of real estate.

Finding A Condo In Guelph

There are so many different condos that are currently available in all sort of communities surrounding Toronto including the city of Guelph.  You can find those that are perfect for people who are interested in one of the Guelph condos that was meant for someone who’s single and buying their first home and those that are for a family that wants a low maintenance property with some amenities.  When you’re choosing which condo is right for you, there are some tips that might help you do that as efficiently as possible.

Like with other homes, one of the first things that you’re going to have to decide is what you can afford.  This can be a little more complicated when choosing a condo then it is when you’re buying a single-family home.  This is because with a condo comes paying monthly condo fees.  Make sure you’re factoring this in when you’re deciding what you can afford and how big of a mortgage you’re going to be able to support paying while you’re living there.  Try not to pay for a long list of amenities that you’re never going to use.

The second thing that most people care strongly about when they are choosing a home is its location.  If you’re interested in buying a home in Guelph then you might have someone in the family who needs to commute to downtown Toronto every day for work or school.  This might mean you want to be located near a major driving route to downtown or want a convenient spot when it comes to taking public transit.  Guelph also has some condos that are available that will give you more of a taste of the country then city life.  Choose the one that’s right for your lifestyle.

Some people think that there are very few choices when it comes to styles of condos.  When this type of home first became available, they were usually smaller units in high-rise buildings.  But, now you can find anything from bachelor’s apartments to townhouses available for those that are looking for condo real estate and there are certainly a number of different choices for those that want a home here in Guelph.  If you want to find a home quickly, there are several different real estate agents working in the city who can help you assemble of list of all of the best choices for your budget and taste.


Toronto can be a great place to live.  You can find everything from a family home to a posh condo where you can entertain on weekends.  But, it is certainly not the only option for those that work in the city.  It seems that for every person that chooses to live with a Toronto address, there are two or three that opt to go home to one of the surrounding communities.  One of the most popular and immediately west of Toronto is the town of Mississauga.  And whether you’re opening an office and are looking to build your whole life here or will need to commute downtown five days a week, you will likely be impressed at what you find within this city.

Mississauga is known as being the city with the mayor who has been in office the longest.  And this consistency in leadership has definitely meant that this is a community that is planned out well and has everything that someone running a clinic to someone going to the local University of Toronto campus could need.  While you have the option to go into the city, driving or on public transit, there is everything that you might need or want right here.  There is great shopping, restaurants and all of the usually services.

In terms of real estate, there are all kinds of options available in a number of different price ranges. One of the reasons people choose to live outside of Toronto and commute is because they are buying their first home and want something a bit more affordable then you would find downtown. There are all kinds of starter homes available in Mississauga with an asking price under $250,000. If you are looking for a condo then you will find that there are buildings with just as many amenities as in neighbourhoods like Yorkville and the Waterfront downtown and you can still get a great view. You just might be paying half the price for your home.

Another reason that people choose to live in Mississauga is the space that you can get that you wouldn’t find downtown.  If you’re looking at a house for sale, Mississauga offers those in safe communities with a small backyard or those that will give you quite a bit of land for a huge garden.  If you’re someone who’s interested in having your own pool in the backyard or wants to feel a bit more like you’re in the country when you go home every day, this might be the city for you.

Guelph Options

There are so many homes in and around the Greater Toronto Area if you’re looking to own your own property here.  There are those who want to live in the middle of it all and have Toronto as their home address.  And then there are others who see the potential of living in one of the cities that is within in hour of the metropolis.  Guelph is one of these options and there are many homebuyers who are choosing this city for their housing purchase.  If you’re interested in looking at the real estate listings here, you will find that there are choices for those with all sorts of budgets who are in need of a house with many different price tags.

Guelph is located west of Toronto just past Milton and to the south of Kitchener Waterloo.  You will find that there are many people who live here who are willing to make the commute to downtown Toronto, Hamilton or Kitchener Waterloo for work and there are those that have their work right here in this city.  When you’re looking at the different styles of homes here, you will find that the majority of real estate are single-family homes in a variety of different styles.  You will see some ranch homes as well as two-storey properties that are perfect for those that are planning to raise a family here.

You will also find a number of more modern home choices here as more people who are used to a city landscape move into this once small town.  There are a number of condo complexes that have been added to Guelph’s real estate market in the last twenty years and some of the newer ones have a long list of amenities.  You will also find some townhouses and row styles homes in downtown Guelph.  A semi-detached home in Guelph goes for around $275,000, which is quite a lot cheaper than the average single-family home at $325,000.  These prices are all much lower than what you would pay for a similar home in Toronto or even in Hamilton or Milton.

There are hundreds of homes available for sale on the Guelph real estate market and there is sure to be one out there that will suit your tastes.  This is a great place to buy your first home or where you might want to settle down and live through retirement.  From West Acres to Sugarbush, this is a great place to call home.

Find Your Condo in Oakville

There’s a lot that Oakville has to offer to both people that live in the area and to those that are just in town visiting, so much so that those who are just stopping by for a quick visit with friends or family like Oakville so much that they want to move there.

It’s tempting to want to pack up all of your belongings and uproot yourself to Oakville but if you were to do that would you be able to find a suitable place to live in Oakville? There are wide range of real estate properties up for sale in Oakville and the surrounding area but if you’re in the group of people that only want to live in condos, rather than houses, would you be able to find a condo in Oakville to call home?

We would have to say yes, as there are lots of available condos for sale. However, it’s all about finding that one right condo that has to be yours. A quick search of the condo market in Oakville will show you just how varied the condo market is in Oakville. Deciding what features you want in your condo and how much you can afford to spend on a condo unit will play a large part in determining which condo to make an offer on but for the most part you should be able to find a condo that suits your needs.

Examples of condos that are available in Oakville at the moment include condos that come with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, single-storey condos, three bedroom/four bathroom condos, waterfront condos, condos that are located in buildings with amenities such as indoor pools and saunas, condos with breathtakingly beautiful views of the heart of Oakville’s downtown and condos that are located in Bronte or Kerr village. The prices of condos for sale in Oakville range anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars.

As you can see you have a lot to chose from when it comes to buying a condo in Oakville and we wish you nothing but the best of luck with your condo search in Oakville.

Making Choices

Buying a home is all about making decisions.  There are thousands of homes available throughout Vancouver and you will need to know what you want before you start narrowing down the choices if you’re going to find what you’re looking for in a reasonable amount of time.  One of the first decisions that many people make when they are moving to a large city is which neighbourhood they would like to live in.  One of the most popular choices in Vancouver is Kitsilano on the west side of the city.  This is along the waterfront and can offer properties to those with unlimited budgets and those that are looking to buy their first home.

When you’re choosing real estate, you’re going to want to know exactly how much you have to spend.  The best way to figure this out is by meeting with a mortgage specialist and getting pre-approved for your loan before you even start seriously looking at the available real estate listings.  They will be able to work with you to decide what kind of loan is best for your financial situation and if this is really the right time for you to be buying a home.  Once you get pre-approved, you will also find that sellers take your offers more seriously.

Align yourself with a real estate agent who understands what you’re looking for in a home.  There are so many homes available throughout the Kitsilano area that could be right for you and an agent will help you filter your choices so that you can concentrate on those that really might be the home for you.  Go through with them what you’re looking for in a home and highlight the things that you need and things that you would like but can do without.  Some people are firm on things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms while others are more flexible and are willing to look at homes that need more work to become their dream property.

If you know that you want to live in Kitsilano and nowhere else around the city, then it’s likely that you’re going to want to stay flexible when it comes to other elements of your home.  You might be able to save some money by not being right on a main street or by choosing a home that needs some work.  Discuss with your real estate agent what is realistic for you to afford in this neighbourhood before you decide if it is the right place to live at this time.

Etobicoke Ontario

There are a lot of reasons why Toronto is such a popular living destination for most people. It’s a big city with a big city vibe, there are a lot of entertainment options, be it going to a Maple Leafs hockey game or taking in a concert of your favourite band at one of the many live entertainment venues Toronto has to offer like Massey Hall. Those are just a couple of reasons why Toronto is such a hot living destination. However, there is also a reason why many people who want to buy real estate in Toronto ultimately decide against it, and that’s because of how expensive purchasing real estate in Toronto is.

One look at the real estate prices in Toronto is enough to scare off most Toronto real estate buyers. Luckily though there are potential solutions to such a problem, one of which is purchasing real estate that’s not directly in Toronto but still keeps you close to the Toronto scene. Like Etobicoke. If you’re one of the many people interested in purchasing real estate in Toronto but can’t pull the trigger on buying Toronto real estate because of the high price tags that come with most Toronto real estate properties for sale then why not take a look at one of the many homes for sale?

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a house or condo in Etobicoke you’ll be able to find exactly what is you’re looking for. There are a number of houses and  condos for sale in Etobicoke that can be had for less than what they would cost you in Toronto. Just taking a quick look at the Toronto condo market and the Etobicoke condo market there’s a difference in both the high end and low end price spectrum in each respective condo market.

For instance a one-bedroom/one-bathroom condo listing we found in Toronto at the bottom of the price spectrum goes for $219,000. In Etobicoke you can get a two-bedroom/two-bathroom condo suite for $244,00. That’s only $25,000 more but you get double the property, really. How could you go wrong with that? You’ll come to find that a lot with Etobicoke condos, as they tend to come with more features than similarly prices Toronto condos. At the top of the price spectrum there are many luxury Toronto condos that are available for millions of dollars, whereas a high priced luxury condo in Etobicoke can be had for just around one million dollars. Whatever way you look at it comparing condo prices in Etobicoke to Toronto will usually tend to lean Etobicoke way.

Hopefully now that you’ve finished reading this article you’ll have a greater appreciation of the Etobicoke real estate market and will consider it as an alternative to purchasing real estate in Toronto. At the very least it should give you an idea as to what else is out there if Toronto is just outside of your price range. Plus, if you do end up purchasing a house or condo in Etobicoke you’re only about a 15 minute drive from downtown Toronto, so it’s almost like you’re living in Toronto anyway. Combine that with the money you would save and it gives you even more reason to browse the Etobicoke real estate market over the Toronto real estate market.