Toronto can be a great place to live.  You can find everything from a family home to a posh condo where you can entertain on weekends.  But, it is certainly not the only option for those that work in the city.  It seems that for every person that chooses to live with a Toronto address, there are two or three that opt to go home to one of the surrounding communities.  One of the most popular and immediately west of Toronto is the town of Mississauga.  And whether you’re opening an office and are looking to build your whole life here or will need to commute downtown five days a week, you will likely be impressed at what you find within this city.

Mississauga is known as being the city with the mayor who has been in office the longest.  And this consistency in leadership has definitely meant that this is a community that is planned out well and has everything that someone running a clinic to someone going to the local University of Toronto campus could need.  While you have the option to go into the city, driving or on public transit, there is everything that you might need or want right here.  There is great shopping, restaurants and all of the usually services.

In terms of real estate, there are all kinds of options available in a number of different price ranges. One of the reasons people choose to live outside of Toronto and commute is because they are buying their first home and want something a bit more affordable then you would find downtown. There are all kinds of starter homes available in Mississauga with an asking price under $250,000. If you are looking for a condo then you will find that there are buildings with just as many amenities as in neighbourhoods like Yorkville and the Waterfront downtown and you can still get a great view. You just might be paying half the price for your home.

Another reason that people choose to live in Mississauga is the space that you can get that you wouldn’t find downtown.  If you’re looking at a house for sale, Mississauga offers those in safe communities with a small backyard or those that will give you quite a bit of land for a huge garden.  If you’re someone who’s interested in having your own pool in the backyard or wants to feel a bit more like you’re in the country when you go home every day, this might be the city for you.