Finding Fall Colors in Bishop, California

Growing up in Texas and spending most of my adult life in places that do not experience fall, I had had enough and wanted to find some cooler air and pretty fall foliage in Southern California! My nature loving sidekick was game as he has been searching for fallen leaves representing all the colors of fall. So off we went.

You may not think of Southern California as a place to see fall colors, and you are right! To really experience it, we had to drive several hours away. After doing our diligent research, the closest place to Los Angeles to see the true turning of the seasons from hot summer days to brisk cool mornings is in the Eastern Sierras, specifically around Bishop, California.

Heading out on a Highway 395 road trip is one of our favorite things to do in California. This route is filled with amazing, unique and beautiful places to explore. One of the best destinations along this route is of course Bishop California, especially during fall when the leaves are changing colors and the scenery is even more spectacular as it moves from greens to reds to yellows.

Apparently finding fall colors in California is totally a thing. Months in advance rooms book up for the few weeks between mid-September and mid-October. During that short period of time, roads are filled with visitors from all over the state and even some from as far away as Asia, camera’s in hand, ready to see the shift from green to red to orange to yellow on those tiny aspen leaves.

The entire area of the Eastern Sierra starting in Bishop all the way up to the Sonora Pass provides great escapes into wilderness to experience and see the changing of colors for yourself. There are Fall Color Guides available in the Eastern Sierras and Instagram is awash with fall foliage, users sharing their latest finds, providing information on where the best colors are each day.
For those of us in Southern California, it’s a long drive to many of these places. This is why finding fall colors in Bishop is the perfect destination. Bishop is the most southern point where you can get a good view of the colors without having to drive for an eternity! It makes a good place to start your explorations from or to use as a base.